As the clock struck on New Year’s day, Hon. Mohamed T. Fofanah, the esteemed Member of Parliament representing Kambia District, ushered in the new year with an inspiring act of compassion for less privileged kids, through the holding of a dancing competition, music and chair game and spelling competition.

In an exclusive interview with Kambia media icons, he revealed his commitment to making this a tradition, promising to continue the noble gesture every New Year. The heartwarming event unfolded at the Rogbaray Sierra Night Club, situated across the bridge, creating a festive atmosphere that resonated with goodwill. The highlight of the occasion was the generous act of feeding over 1000 children and the provision of school items, including bags, books and other learning materials, underscoring Hon. Fofanah’s dedication to the well-being of the youngest members of the community, the children.

During the interview, the Honorable Member of Parliament expressed his motivation, emphasizing the importance of community welfare and the need to address the challenges faced by vulnerable children within his community. He articulated that this initiative is just the beginning of his efforts to make a lasting impact on the lives of the constituents, particularly the youths and children.

The event drew the participation of various personalities, including both aspiring and sitting councillors from the Kambia District Council. Their presence underscored the collective commitment to fostering positive change and addressing social issues that impact the region as a whole. Hon. Mohamed T. Fofanah’s philanthropic gesture not only demonstrates his genuine concern for the welfare of the community, but also sets a precedent for civic leaders to actively engage in grassroots initiatives. The act of bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including local councillors, showcased a united front in tackling communal challenges.

As the new year begins, the people of Kambia District found inspiration in the promise made by their honorable representative. The commitment to continue this gesture annually reflects a sustained effort towards building a stronger, more compassionate community. In the face of societal issues, Hon. Mohamed T. Fofanah’s initiative serves as a beacon of hope, reminding everyone that positive change is achievable through collective action.

In conclusion, the feeding event at Rogbaray Sierra Night Club, organized by Hon. Mohamed T. Fofanah, symbolizes the spirit of unity, compassion, and commitment to community welfare. As the ripple effect of this benevolent act spreads throughout Kambia District, the anticipation and optimism of a brighter future looms high among residents.