Another dark cloud is shrouding Sierra Leone again as history has repeated itself in terms of a treason trial in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is on the verge of holding another treason trial in the Magistrate Courts of sierra Leone in which the former president was arraigned on Wednesday on a four counts indictment including treason and two counts of harboring fugitives.

The government of President Bio assigned security to the former president and the government of President Bio is paying those securities. The legal team for the former president has raised concern that nobody is safe in Sierra Leone. The reason being is that when security guide a high profile person charged with harboring fugitives, that person’s safety is not guaranteed.

The charges stem from alleged involvement in an attempt to overthrow Sierra Leone’s government on November 26 2023.

In nexus to this, it could be recalled that former president Joseph Saidu Momoh, was also charged and sentenced for 15 years’ imprisonment by President Kabba, in which former president Momoh spelt it out that, he was a victim of circumstance as at the time he was the author and signatory of the 1991 Constitution, which the government was using, and he lamented that as a president, he cannot see himself conspiring or endeavoring to usurp executive powers.

Is history about to repeat itself, is the question on the lips of concerned Sierra Leoneans.