Sierra Leone’s Ambassador To The Kingdom of Morocco Engages Students And The Sierra Leone Community

Rabat, Saturday 27th, April 2024

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, His Excellency Atumanni Dainkeh, held successful interractions with the Sierra Leonean Community and the Sierra Leone Students Association in Morocco (SLeSAM), marking the country’s 63rd Independence anniversary celebration at the Embassy conference hall in Rabat.

The event enabled Sierra Leoneans living in Morocco to reflect on the gains that the Embassy is making in the Kingdom regarding bilateral cooperation and promoting the welfare of Sierra Leoneans living in Morocco.

In his statement, the President of the Sierra Leone Students Association in Morocco, Sanusie Janneh, appreciated the Embassy for the engagement and for supporting them in times of need.

Sanusie Janneh stated that he was extremely excited about the moral support they have been receiving from the Ambassador and his team, and the financial support they get in a form of stipends from the Government of Sierra Leone through the Embassy.

He underscored the importance of nurturing a supportive environment for Sierra Leoneans studying abroad, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie amidst academic and personal challenges.

Sanusie reiterated that, the association has created the spirit of oneness amongst the students through various social events to overcome their academic challenges together, noting that they are trusting the leadership of the Ambassador to always engage the Government on their behalf.

He appealed to the Ambassador and his team to speedily facilitate conversations between the Agency Morocaine De Cooperation International (AMCI) and the Ministry of Higher Education particularly on matters related to key courses that are not being offered to Sierra Leonean students.

In his remarks, Ambassador Atumanni Dainkeh informed that commemoration is a reminder of the country’s history with a sense of belonging to a state, while also promoting the foreign policies of the Goverment of Sierra Leone pioneered by the President Julius Maada Bio.

Ambassador Dainkeh admonished Sierra Leoneans to exemplify Sierra Leonean values in positive lights while encouraging Sierra Leonean students to maximize government scholarship opportunities as a springboard to their personal growth and development.

He disclosed that after several fruitful discussions with the Agency Morocaine De Cooperation International (AMCI), it has been confirmed that students who have completed their diploma can further their studies for degrees if they so desired.

He called upon them to serve as ambassadors of goodwill, showcasing the best of Sierra Leone through their actions and interactions. Stressing the need for unity among Sierra Leoneans, emphasizing that together, they can overcome any challenge and build a future worthy of their nation’s indomitable spirit.

Ambassador Atumanni Dainkeh urged them to be law abiding and ensure that they work with the Embassy as his doors are always open to Sierra leoneans in Morocco .

According to him, the Sierra Leone Embassy has been instrumental in facilitating support to the Sierra Leone community in Morocco on various occasions and that the Embassy is in discussions with the Moroccan authorities for the Sierra Leone community to be fully registered and recognized like other communities to enable them get their carte de sejour.

Ambassador Dainkeh acknowledged the challenges facing Sierra Leone, including global economic shocks and instability in regions such as Ukraine and the Middle East. Despite these obstacles, he commended the government’s resilience in mitigating their impact through strategic planning and targeted interventions.

Ambassador Atumanni Dainkeh used the opportunity to explain that President Julius Maada Bio’s BIG FIVE Game Changers during his second term in office are aimed at transforming Sierra Leone into a beacon of prosperity.

He observed that in essence, the Independence celebrations encapsulate our profound thoughts and details, weaving together themes of identity, resilience, and collective empowerment and unwavering commitment to forging a brighter future for generations to come.

H.E Atumanni Dainkeh concluded that the event should recall our common aspirations, and unwavering commitment to progress and prosperity, and underscores the importance of collective action in shaping a brighter future for all Sierra Leoneans, both at home and abroad.

Aminaash Nyande Brima
Information Attache
Sierra Leone Embassy
Rabat, Morocco