APC Adhering to Constitutionality…

Secretary General Declares Sam Sumana Ineligible to Run for President Under APC in 2028

Secretary General Lansana Dumbuya has unequivocally stated that Chief Samsumana, despite being reinstated as a comrade, is not qualified to contest the 2028 elections as a candidate for the APC. This announcement has sent ripples through the political landscape, as Dumbuya emphasized the stringent adherence to the party’s constitution in determining eligibility for candidacy.

Dumbuya expressed his disbelief at the ongoing discourse suggesting Samsumana’s potential candidacy. “He stands in disbelief,” Dumbuya remarked, stressing that according to the APC constitution, Chief Samsumana does not meet the necessary criteria to run for the party in the upcoming 2028 elections. Dumbuya clarified that while Samsumana has been reinstated as a comrade within the party, this status does not automatically translate to eligibility for candidacy.

“The APC constitution is clear on this matter,” Dumbuya continued. “Chief Samsumana is reinstated as a comrade, but he is NEVER QUALIFIED to run under the APC ticket until 2033 if he is still alive.” This firm stance underscores the party’s commitment to upholding its constitutional provisions, irrespective of individual stature or past contributions.

The announcement comes amidst a backdrop of political maneuvering and speculation regarding the APC’s potential candidates for the 2028 elections. Chief Samsumana, a prominent figure in Sierra Leonean politics, served as Vice President from 2007 to 2015. His reinstatement as a comrade within the APC had sparked discussions about his possible return to the political forefront. However, Dumbuya’s declaration has effectively put an end to these speculations, at least for the 2028 electoral cycle.

The APC Secretary General’s statement reinforces the party’s dedication to constitutional integrity and transparency in its candidate selection process. As the political environment continues to evolve, the APC’s decision highlights the importance of adherence to established rules and regulations in maintaining party unity and credibility. Chief Samsumana’s political future now hangs in the balance, with his potential candidacy postponed until at least 2033, contingent on his continued involvement and eligibility within the party framework.