German Authority kidnap 3 Sierra Leonean Children

Jamahl Kamara, Mbalu Kamara and Isatu Kamara have been deprived of enjoying parental love by German Authorities, who unlawfully took these children from their parents and handed them to German Child Protection Organization, as if the parents are unable to take care of them. The three children, whose case have been a topical issue in Germany, have suffered the psychological consequences of parental love deprivation.

Ambassador Bayoh: What have you done to address the situation?

The situation involving German authorities removing these children from African parents and placing them in the care of child protection agencies, is indeed a complex and sensitive issue that warrants serious attention. Sierra Leone’s Embassy in Germany is accused of doing sweet little or nothing to address this issue, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Timothy Kabbah, has been kept in the dark on a sensitive issue like this, which demands urgent attention.
As the situation stands, the three Sierra Leonean children, as citizens of Sierra Leone, need the protection of the Sierra Leone Embassy in Germany, and it is incumbent on them to ensure that the children are returned to their parents.
The keeping of these kids in the custody of a German organization for an extended period of three years, raises significant considerable concerns over the observance of proper procedures, due process, and transparency in such child welfare interventions.
While child protection is a crucial mandate that authorities must uphold, it is essential to ensure that the rights of both children and parents are respected, and that interventions are carried out in a fair and just manner. The allegations of undue advantage being taken by German authorities to unlawfully dispossess the children from their African parents, underscores the importance of thorough investigations, clear communication, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including the communities and families from which these children originate.

Children abducted with German citizens

It is essential for all parties involved to prioritize the best interests of the children, ensure cultural sensitivity, and adhere to international guidelines and human rights standards when addressing cases of child welfare and protection. Collaboration between the German authorities and African communities, as well as transparent communication and accountability, are crucial in rebuilding trust and promoting the well-being of children and families affected by such interventions.
As this case continues to unfold, it is imperative for all parties to engage in constructive dialogue, respect the rights and dignity of all individuals involved, and work towards sustainable solutions that uphold the principles of justice, fairness, and child-centered care. Only through a collaborative and empathetic approach can we ensure that the well-being and rights of children from all backgrounds are protected and supported.