Dear Fans of our beloved game,

As I clock one year today in office, the 13th of June 2024, as the elected chairman for the Kono District Football Association, I am proud to appreciate the support during and after the elections that brought me and my executive into office on 13th of June 2023.

A year ago, you people came out in the open to endorsed my candidacy because you believed that at that time, I was the right person who had the knowledge, passion, and experience to take our district football back to the limelight.

When I decided to take up the challenge, and upon the believed you bestowed on me at that time, with the assurances that, if I’m elected as the chairman for the Kono District Football Association, during my four (4) years mandate, I will do the following, which many referred to as manifesto, and it was on that conviction that the football membership voted me as the chairman.

I promised the following to be completed within my four (4) years mandate, and it was based on those convictions that the football membership voted for me overwhelmingly.
The following were part of my campaign promises:

  1. To organise constant football competitions, ranging from under 12,14,15,17. District league, Division two competition, Chiefdom football competition Female competition, Veterans competition, and the District FA cup
  2. Setting up of a working secretariat
  3. Infrastructural development
  4. Unifying the football family

The assurances was that I would fulfil them within my four years mandate.

In serving my conciense and humanity, I am proud to inform the general public and the football family that my administration has achieved more than 75% successes as part of the campaign promises within this one year in office.

  1. My administration has successfully organised constant football competitions, ranging from:
    • ●under 12,14,15,17
      ●District League of 32 teams
      ●Division two competitions
      ●Chiefdom competition
      ●Female competition
    • ●Veterans competition
      ●District FA cup
  2. We have set up a modernized working secretariat that has the following facilities: comfortable sitting accommodation, computers, standing fans, DSTV, and shelve
  3. Infrastructural Development: We are able to construct the first ever ticket sales booths, standard and modernized gates in all of our entrances, standard electrification of the pavilion, and the rehabilitation of the pavilion and toilets.
  4. Unifying the football family: ever since, in the history of the District League, it has been in this administration that we have 32 teams participated, and the outcome was successful.
  5. Capacity Building: My administration has partners with experts to train grassroots coaches and football administrators.
  6. Promotional Competitions:
    First ever female competitions organised within the District, with 8 teams which aim was to select players for the District.

Veterans Competition organised by the Kono District Football Association.


Logistical Support: We’ve supported our referees under taking training outside Kono, the coaches, football clubs; 10 division one clubs benefitted 10 footballs each. The 14 chiefdoms benefited 1 football each from the FA.
U 15 clubs will benefit 1 football, each apart from medals and other prizes at the U 15 final scheduled for the 22nd of June 2024.
For the first time, the eight female clubs that compete in the selection of talents for our district benefited the sum of 500 Leones each.

For the first time in the history of Sierra Leone football, the first ever youth championship football competitions was launched in Kono,and after that the kono District Football Association organised their second edition of under 14 & 15 which was sponsored by SLFA.

Kono District Football Association succeeded in advocating for Diamond Stars and a female club to benefit footballs, beebs, and cash money.

I and my executive, we are proud to let you know the achievements we have made in our one year in office was through a strong networking, and on that note, I would like to thank the people who have made our first year in office a success.

Let’s continue to maintain peace for the growth of football in our district.

We only have one Kono.
Long live Kono
May God bless us all

Yours in sport,
Abu Bakar Mansaray
Chairman Kono District Football Association.