The Leone Rock Metal Group in collaboration with the Gbotima Sierra Leone Limited has on the 24th stormed schools in Barri-Pejeh Chiefdoms with huge consignments of learning materials and school furniture to three secondary schools .

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gbotima Sierra Leone Limited, Mohamed H Kanneh gave a synopsis of what Gbotima does and what it intends to do in due course in the area of expanding unlimited agricultural activities through their federation union in Barri and Pejeh Chiefdoms,procurement of goods and services,organizing educational outreaches and creating robust unity among youth for community development initiatives.

He said stakeholders from the aforesaid chiefdoms had been requesting for those learning materials and furniture and as an indigene who shares lineage from Barri and Pejeh Chiefdom, he felt thoughtful of giving back to society irrespective of the fact he didn’t attend school in either of those chiefdoms.

The CEO of Gbotima SL Limited applauded the laudable and unprecedented gesture from the Leone Rock Metal Group in the Pujehun District , noting that LRMG is committed and dedicated in adhering to their Corporate Social Responsibility in Sierra Leone since its commencement of operation in the country.

CEO Kanneh urged teachers to judiciously use the white board with its actual marker and not permanent marker which has the tendency to distort the white board, noting that those text books are very expensive and teachers should ensure that they’re being used in the appropriate context.

Speaking on behalf of the Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) , the Public Relations Officer , Bashiru Koroma noted that LRMG is one of the most leading and deliverable companies in Sierra Leone noting that the company has put aside funds to actualize its CSR in their targeted areas.

He however added that it’s as a result of one their senior staff who happens to be the CEO for Gbotima SL Limited and his consistent requests for LRMG to support his company with learning materials and school furniture which led them to storm Pujehun District with extraordinary learning materials and school furniture.He commended the CEO of Gbotima for being very passionate about giving back to society.

Addressing youths in the capacity of Youth Chairman of Pujehun District , Mohamed Kallon told pupils to be profound with their studies and they should deviate from any social norms that have the recipe to mislead them.

He urged teachers to use those materials to prepare comprehensive notes for the pupils, noting that it would help pupils in the interior to easily grasp the basics and help them prepare for public exams. Mohamed Kallon pleaded to LRMG to kindly extend their gesture in other parts of the district .

Communications and Media Department, Gbotima Sierra Leone Limited