In it determination to meet customers satisfaction, the leading cement company, MACCEM Industries SL Ltd, has commenced the decentralisation for the bulky sales of it product with Hastings packaging factory.

The commencement of bulky sales of Mackie cement at the company’s packaging factory at Hastings, has helped in reducing the cost of transportation, delay in traffic congestion in the city and the timely arrival of consignments to required destinations in the provinces.

Speaking on the decentralisation, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Ahmed Mackie underscores the importance of the decentralisation.

“For years, our valued customers were face with the challenges of transportation, traffic congestion and the late arrival of their consignments from the city. As a listening company, we acceded to their concerns and undertook a project for the construction of over fifty thousand United States Dollars packaging factory on the highway to the provinces outside the city” he said.

He continued that customers coming from the provinces to buy in bulk or wholesale would nolonger load at Ferry Junction but Hastings.

This he said will safe them from transportation cost, traffic congestion and late arrival of their consignments.

He therefore assured his valued customers the best and sustainable service delivery.