President Bio Accused of Using & Dumping Kenema

President Maada Bio has been accused by some supporters of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) of using and dumping the people of Kenema who voted massively to return him to State House in 2023.

They claim that in this current government, there is no strong pillar from Kenema that is occupying any top position in Bio’s administration.

According to a report reaching this medium, the people of Kenema are displeased with President Bio because he has laid off most of their people from top positions.

Dr. Alie Kabba, from Kenema has lost his face from the party. Some supporters are asking the question: If Alie Kabba still serving the SLPP? Prof. David Frances; another strong SLPP pillar from Kenema is nowhere to be seen following President Bio’s re-election victory. Lahai Lawrence Lima another strong pillar from Kenema who fought hard for the SLPP to come back to power, is also nowhere to be seen. The last time a news broke that he had left the county for greener pasture.

The latest SLPP strong pillar that is missing in action is Ibrahim Brima Swaray former NRA boss, who was recently relieved from his position. He is another pillar from Kenema, who has done well for the president and the people of Kenema.

He championed the agenda of the president by popularizing the free quality education.

It is no secret that Kenema is one of the strongholds of the SLPP that doesn’t mix matters when it comes to supporting the SLPP but they are currently grumbling that they are yet benefit from any developmental project initiated by the Bio administration.