Speaker Summons Clerk of Parliament

By John Kelly Marah

It appears that the Clerk of the Sixth Parliament of Sierra Leone, Hon. Param Tarawalie, following an alleged act of nepotism, after issuing a letter in December 18th 2023, of redundancy one hundred staff in Parliament, Speaker of Parliament Hon. Chernor Abass Bundu says the Clerk of Parliament did so despite the fact that the Parliamentary Service Commission has the sole authority through the Speaker to sack staff of Parliament.

Moreover, according to an interview by Glba TV with the Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Bundu, over the sacking of one hundred staff by the Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Paran Tarawalie, he said that as the head of the Legislative Arm of government, he considers it incumbent upon Parliament to ensure that the decisions it takes, especially those that affect the livelihood of people, must be based on the law that they make, otherwise the trust and confidence of the people, which is crucial for the legitimacy of their actions, will wane.  

Also in a report of an investigation done by Glba Online TV, it stated that the Clerk of Parliament employed his wife and seventeen other people in the year 2021, when he was given the position as Clerk of Parliament. The investigation also added that the wife of the Clerk of Parliament was employed as a Human Resource Officer in grade seven, with a pin number 60910 from a Parliamentary pay slip of the Parliamentary Service Commission, and was receiving the sum of seventy thousand six hundred and seventy-six Leones as salary. The investigation also disclosed that the Clerk employed his own people in Parliament, which led to a bloated Parliamentary Staff, with a significant number of them not showing up for work and were receiving huge salaries at the end of the month, a situation described as tantamount to corruption, according to the Anti- Corruption laws and regulations.

Recent investigation by Glba TV online stated that the sacking of one hundred staff of Parliament was to ensure space for his own people. After the disclosure of the said sacking of staff by the leader of the opposition party in the Well of Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament disclosed that during investigation into the number of people working in Parliament, they discovered that there were ghost workers, whose names were in the register but were not turning up for work. These ghost workers, it was disclosed, were those employed by the Clerk of Parliament to suck the tax-payers’ monies.

The Clerk of Parliament is alleged to have been engaged in nepotism, where he is alleged to have been giving special treatment or advantages to family members, friends, or associates. It is considered to be a form of corruption, as it leads to unfair advantages for those with personal connections. In the workplace, nepotism can lead to unqualified individuals being given jobs or promotions, creating an atmosphere of favoritism and resentment. It can also lead to conflict of interest and a lack of fairness in the workplace.

In light of the above allegations, the Speaker of Parliament has summoned the Clerk of Parliament to call on all Parliamentarians to a meeting on the 4th of January 2024.