“Ar Go Put Ernest Na Tight Place”

People have not forgotten that President Bio during his campaign trail for his second term in office, while addressing his supporters in the strongholds of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in Kailahun town told his supporters that if former President Koroma doesn’t behave as a statesman, he would put him in a tight place.

Today, what is happening with former President Koroma is not a surprise to many sierra Leoneans, because President Bio said so during his campaign for his second term in office. President Bio has always accused the former president of being Adebayor’s sponsor and fomenting trouble for him (Bio) which the former president has always denied.

What is doubting Sierra Leoneans is that, since former President Koroma handed over power to President Bio, he decided to go and settle in his home town of Makeni. This is a key study now for Sierra Leoneans. People were killed during a protest regarding the removal of a generator; APC supporters were beaten and some were killed whilst others were arrested but the former President Koroma never said a word. He decided to keep himself quiet to avoid any problem from escalating. He has always been busy on his international trips observing elections in most fragile countries. Sierra Leoneans who know the value of former President Koroma, are certain that this is not the way to pay back a statesman who did so much for this country to the extent that Sierra Leone was once considered to be the fastest growing economy during former President Koroma’s tenure.