Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Paul Sobba Massaquoi, the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA), Sierra Leone’s flag has once again earned its place on the Grey List of the Paris MoU. This achievement highlights Sierra Leone’s consistent progress and dedication to upholding international safety and security standards in the maritime sector.

The Paris MoU Grey List comprises flag states demonstrating an average performance over the last three years, indicating a high level of compliance with international regulations. Sierra Leone’s inclusion in this list is a testament to the concerted efforts and strategic initiatives implemented by the SLMA under Mr. Massaquoi’s astute leadership.

In a statement issued by the International Office of the Sierra Leone Flag, the achievement is attributed to proactive collaboration and joint efforts aimed at enhancing performance and compliance. The statement emphasized the importance of efficient cooperation, continuous education, rigorous training, and diligent fleet monitoring in achieving such remarkable results.

The significant improvement in Sierra Leone’s performance compared to its main competitors underscores the country’s commitment to fulfilling its national and international obligations. By prioritizing safety, security, and compliance, Sierra Leone aims to uphold its reputation as a responsible flag state and contribute to the global maritime community’s efforts to ensure maritime safety and security.

The SLMA reaffirms its dedication to further enhancing safety and security standards and continuously improving fleet performance. With a steadfast commitment to compliance and governance in accordance with national and international laws, Sierra Leone aspires to ascend to the Paris MoU White List in the years ahead.

The success of Sierra Leone’s flag on the Grey List serves as a source of pride and motivation for all stakeholders involved, including shipowners, managers, seafarers, safety inspectors, agents, recognized organizations, and registration officers. Their collective trust, support, and contributions have been instrumental in achieving this milestone and will continue to drive Sierra Leone’s pursuit of excellence in the maritime domain.

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