Since PresidentMaada Bio took up governance development has become standstill. Majority are with the views that the only things that are visible; Political intimidation, unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests, starvation, inflation and corruption.

During the 2023 general elections, President Maada Bio vehemently promised the citizens that there would be enough food on the table and poverty would take it permanent exit door. These statements on the other hand trapped many citizens to be convinced that their lives would be improved exponentially not knowing that it is a mere grandiloquence. In fact the administration has added more values to the sufferings of the masses with impunity.

Many sierra Leoneans are in regrettable mood considering their expectations from President Maada Bio. As he promised the citizens to fix the bread and butter issue within a squeeze of a lemon. During his campaign he outrightly said it’s unacceptable for Sierra Leoneans to purchase a bag of rice at Le 250.

Opposition Chief Whip, Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara reminded the President over his campaign messages to Sierra Leoneans as he promised to create an enabling environment for all.

According to Opposition Chief Whip, the President has created more loopholes in the country’s economy since time immemorial. He maintained that he vowed to uplift the minimum wage but since then nothing new on the table as the cost of a 50k bag of rice is more than the minimum wage.

He went on to say during the reign of APC a bag of rice was sold at Le 200 whilst the minimum wage was le 500 and as a result, an individual would be to provide for the family.

He therefore, urges the president together with his cabinet ministers to have a second thought about the welfare of the citizens as things are not the same as they used to be.

Media and Communications Unit.