What the ECOWAS succeeded at doing to secure the travel of the former President Ernest Bai Koroma to go for medical checkup in Nigeria, is an indication that ECOWAS knows the worth of the former president.
From 2000 to date, the former president has successfully conducted/observed many crucial elections in different parts of Africa.
He has been around the ECOWAS community preaching peace and telling Africans that democracy should be respected and that any country jocking with or about democracy is far away from serious political, social, economic and other developments.
On the other hand, the people of Sierra Leone do not seem to relish or know the value of the former president. They believe he should not have been allowed to leave the country.
They fail to realize that former President Koroma is highly respected across the globe. Some other African countries are praying to have a type of leader like the former President Koroma.
It must be noted that the former president is a champion of peace and democracy in Africa and beyond. Former President Koroma has worked for his people and the world. This is the types of leader Africans need. Leaders like the former President Koroma after leaving power are honored and respected and even many people in this country still love the former President Koroma.