Ahead of its 25th Anniversary Celebration, Rokel Commercial Bank , a leading financial institution in Sierra Leone, organized a colorful marketing Parade on Saturday 2nd March 2023, in Bo Town, Southern Sierra Leone ,

The parade, stretching from Dambala Road to the bank’s branch in Bojon Street in Bo, aimed not only to meet with its customers in Bo but to sensitize the public about the bank’s digital products and their myriad benefits to customers..

The well-attended event saw a convergence of senior and junior bank staff, accompanied by RCBank’s Director of Risk Madam Millicent Cole who joined staff of the Bank and volunteers navigating the streets of Bo to disseminate information on RCB’s digital offerings. The parade was adorned with the sounds of Sierra Leonean music and the lively ‘BUBU’ dance, providing entertainment for both staff and onlookers, while effectively conveying the bank’s message.

The Host Branch manager of RCBank Bo, Mr. Alpha Barrie appreciated the support from Management, The Risk Director and from managers like Mr. John Nicol of the Kenema Branch, Mr. Mahamed Daramy Kamara of Moyamba, Mr. Saidu Paul Conteh of Pujehun Branch and other senior management staff from Freetown including Mrs. Veronica Williams, Mr. Umaru Shyllon, Mrs. Mariama Jajua, Mr. Bai Turay, Mr. Alie Kargbo, Mrs. Karina Gbakie and Mr. Sandi Massaquoi. Mr. Barrie also commended and appreciated staff that were present to make the float parade and marketing campaign a success.

This groundbreaking event brought together diverse stakeholders, including staff from the Bank’s Branches in Freetown and Bo, customers, and community residents, to showcase RCBank products and Services and foster strong bond between its Bo customers and staff of the Bank.

As Over 800 Participants and vehicles were moving in an orderly fashion, the procession ceremony created a Platform for customers to get a comprehensive understanding of the Bank’s various Services.

Engaging residents of Bo, Brand Ambassador of RCBank Brand Ambassador, Kindo Armani highlighted the bank’s commitment to digitalization, showcasing initiatives such as ATM cardless transactions, issuance of Visa Prepaid Cards, and the integration of services like Simkorpor and E-Korpor. These advancements, he noted, streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and expedite processing times.

In the Bank’s previous Marketing Parade held in Freetown on 10

th February 2024, the Managing Director Dr. Gilpin assured that RCB would extend its sensitization efforts nationwide, ensuring every Sierra Leonean gains a comprehensive understanding of Digital Banking, Cybersecurity, and the benefits of going cashless.

The engagement ended fruitfully. Hence, the Parade, underscores their dedication to embracing the digital era and ensuring every citizen is equipped with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of modern banking as it proved to be ideal.

As such a gathering will create opportunities for senior and junior staff of the bank to meets with customers and residents of their various areas of Operations which could further strengthen the relationship on the basis for truth, transparency as good administration for RCBank and even other institutions.

As Rokel Commercial Bank takes strides in digitization, their dynamic approach to public awareness underscores their dedication to embracing the digital era and ensuring that all citizens have the opportunity to access, be knowledgeable and to navigate the evolving landscape of modern banking.

RCBank – The Bank of Choice and Integrity!!!!!!