By John Kelly Marah
According to the opposition leader in parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, in his key note address on the Orange Day Celebration commemorating International Women’s Day, with the theme; Invest in Women and Amplifying Women’s Political Agenda in Parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo wasted no time in asserting critically on the essence of increase female representation in parliament is not just to earn women’s more salary, or exposing more women’s to governance, is to ensure that the women’s have more vote add to us men who are He for She to ensure that we made a legislation that would protect the vulnerable women’s in the society. Hon. Abdul Kargbo added that women’s formed about 42 percent of our country population and you will agree with me that most women’s are on wage or no wage form paid in which they have been push aside by the community in which we are doing nothing about that moreover most woman lack social protection, in which some are suffering from sexual harassment through their jobs and some have been victimized and push to the corner and nothing is being done towards that, said honorable Abdul Kargbo.
In nexus, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, asserted that if we are fighting for more women’s representation in parliament is because we know that more women’s must be protected in the gender and equality bill they are fighting for. He added that he is grateful to the sixth parliament of sierra Leone and also to the president for passing the 30 percent quota given to women’s in representation in governance. Hon. Abdul Kargbo goes further by saying that recently a female referee had been victimized by their male counterpart and he asked the question what parliament is doing about it? In which their female colleagues voted in favor of them to be in parliament in other to protected them, he also disclosed that a lot of women’s are suffering in which some have been beating at home and other has being marginalized from their jobs and their no one to stand by to talked for them, and we are calling for more female participation in governance, when we are not doing the needful for the those that we already have, and the female participation is not only for those that are educated but what about those that do not read or write.
He concluded by asking the question about what are we doing for our women’s in sierra Leone, is it that we making program and after that program the women’s goes back in bondage in their various quarter to the same mal treatment and agony from their male counterpart is this why we are here, we need to take action and we will only succeed when we priorities something that protect women’s over the things that are protecting their political party and until the day we have women’s that are supporting SLPP coming out to support APC women’s in terms of improvement and until the day we started fighting for woman in the guise of our political party, said honorable Abdul Kargbo