By John Kelly Marah
‘The evil that man do lives after them’ quoting William Shakespeare.
The former member of the 5th ECOWAS Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, has been ridiculed and disgraced by the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu, and the acting Clerk of Parliament.
Hon. Mohamed Bangura’s name was not in the list of the Sixth ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria for swearing-in, without seeking approval from the plenary.
It is worthy to state that as a former Member of the ECOWAS Parliament, that was supposed to be again in the delegation of the Sixth ECOWAS Parliament, it emerged that the Speaker of Parliament and the Deputy Clerk revealed that he was not among those to be sworn-in.
The question is: Are they saying that Hon. Bangura is not competent for that esteemed position? Meanwhile, Hon. Mohamed Bangura, has announced that he will be initiating legal action this week and that he is currently in touch with his lawyer. He says he believes that the Speaker acted unlawfully, as the protocol is very clear and the names were not brought to the plenary for approval.