Some Sierra Leoneans and grassroots supporters of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), have started asking questions about the fate of the APC after the conclusion of the tripartite committee.

As Dr. Kelfala Marah had said that no one should preconceive the outcome of the tripartite. But majority Sierra Leoneans have started asking the question that should the tripartite outcome does not favor the APC, what would be the next step of the APC.

The APC needs to come to the drawing board and put their house in order to prepare for the 2028 election. The APC could likely be in governance come 2028. They just need to come together and work as a united family and put structures in place, and surely, they would bounce back to kick out this failed pa-o-pa government on the first ballot.

This government has failed the people of this country woefully and by no means they would not be given any more chance. The cry within the country is increasing every day and people are suffering.