SLPP Fights SLPP Who Ought to Know Better?

Pastor Mohamed Sesay
Asks Social media is awash with claims and counter claims over a piece of land situated at Bathurst in the mountain rural areas of the City of Freetown.

Those on the opposite sides are the National Secretary General of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, Umaru Napoleon Koroma who is current deputy minister of Mines and the Parliamentary representative of Upper Bambara and Mando Chiefdoms in the Kailahun District east of Sierra Leone, Hon Hawa Siaffa.

The dispute which could have been settled amicably between members of the same ruling party, is taking a different turn for the worst with it not only bringing into disrepute the name of the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party but also turning the party into a laughing stock in the eyes of the electorate especially as opposition leaning media house is now attacking an SLPP Parliamentarian, calling her names, a scenario which is obvious on whose side the media house is.

This is a 13 years fight which, at some stage has led into violence and the intervention of security officers. Hon Hawa Siaffa produced to this press documents which showed she is the owner.

National Secretary General of the ruling SLPP, Umaru Napoleon Koroma hasn’t showed this press any document yet because he said he never saw our request to do so nearly 3 months on.

A fortnight ago some people just surfaced at Bathurst where the disputed land is situate with markers to share the piece of land just like that.

As the fight turns dirty on social media and the press, Hon Hawa Siaffa got the sympathy of SLPP’s Justice Boima of Justice TV online who has carried out an intensive investigation on that piece of land.

On the other side, some SLPP bloggers, K star and Papa Sharp, have been going on the rampage against the Parliamentarian.

Strangely, despite all the mud being thrown now, this matter is currently on the lap of the Leader of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, HE President Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

There is no wait for his leadership attention so the question now is, who ought to know better between the Secretary General of the ruling SLPP and the Kailahun MP?

Any need to ask?