In the wake of democracy and its awareness, there have been negative developments on human rights issues, injustices and corruptions. These have made the present government embarking on political victimizations and intimidations.

Recently, the Former president, Ernest Bai Koroma who was democratically elected and ruled for two consecutive terms and he is presently a peace ambassador in Africa has been alleged and linked to the 26th November,2023 failed coup in Sierra Leone, attempt which the government described to be a planned act to unseat the democratically elected president, H.E Julius Madda Bio. The allegation against the Former President came into play when few of his former security guards were being arrested believing that they involved in the 26th November, 2023 attempted coup.

For these the former president denied the allegations, in another development was were several attacks meted against a fearless Media Practitioner and Civil Rights Activist whose stance against injustice and human rights violations are strong and always hold the government into account, through his tweeting, radio and TV interviews.

According to our investigation, he was last seen by his staff in the office on 5th January, 2023, since that fateful day he has never been seen nor do they know his whereabouts. This unfortunate information triggered this media to mount an investigation into what could have been the problem and to ascertain the whereabouts of him and his family. When contacting neighbors from his communities, they told this media that group of unknown people who were in Sierra Leone People’s Party regalia went and attacked his house, carted away with many of his things and left his house seriously damaged. Since that day they had not set their eyes on him and his family neither do they know their whereabouts.

Going further with our investigation, we discovered that in the early hours of that same day, similar group of people went to attack him in his office but he skillfully escaped. Sierra Leone has in this time being in a situation of witnessing several threats against Ibrahim Sorie Dumbuya for his passionate duty as an activist for all. Sometimes then these media had an account of religious and traditional people who attacked him for his sole advocacy for the right of LGBT to be recognized and protected in Sierra Leone, this type of advocacy has met a rigorous attacks and confrontations by religious supporters and traditional members who are describing LGBT as an affront and sinful act against their spiritualties, but they rather accept female genital mutilation.

Ibrahim Sorie dumbya being the Executive Director of League of democracy Advocates (LoDA) and the managing proprietor and owner of two media houses, The Minute Newspaper and the Parameter Newspaper has always and most time in conflicts of this government especially in areas of democratic rights that he is promoting and campaigning for, also his campaign against government undemocratic activities, corruptions and many more.

The search and investigations continues about the treason trial and the situation of Ibrahim Sorie Dumbuya.