By Kabba Sesay

The Chief Executive Officer, Women Empowerment Foundation (WEF) , Madam Bintu N’jai has in an exclusive interview with this medium disclosed that all humans come from women and hence the reason a collaborative approach needed to bring the huge amount of human rights abuses on women and girls to an end.
She disclosed that the organization started in December of 2021 after coming to the realization that women of Sierra Leone are suffering to make a living.
” Some woke up as early as 5:am in the morning, ready the children for school and after jump on the streets or markets selling”, Bintu N’jai.
She confessed admiring those set of Women hard work and though it fit that such women need empowerment.
It is heart rendering to see girls in tender ages that are supposed to be in school taking prostitution as a path way, she disclosed.

“It breaks my heart simple because I also have girl child that is going to school” N’jai said.
She continues that women face too many abuse through the hands of men , however left her pondering weather it is an African thing, it is wrong and as a nation we shouldn’t allow such to happen.
Lending her voice to the issue of rape in the country, Bintu N’jai alluded to the fact that rape cases are visible in Sierra Leone but appreciated the First Lady madam Fatima Bio for her project Hands Off Our Girls.
She disclosed that since the foundation inception unto date she had and continues to sponsor the foundation financial or otherwise.

Recounting some of the foundation interventions, N’jai outlined the provision of shelter for women that are victims of abuse in the Kissy community and it’s environs.
She also spoke about a female gala organised that she said revived the Kissy Unity female football team after years of separation.
Speaking about future projects, Bintu revealed the foundation intention to create and equip a workshop or a training center for women empowerment citing CPR that she said meant for resourcitation training for beneficiaries with plans to partner with the ministry of health in the area of training and the award of certificates that will qualify them to administer first aid treatment in their various communities.
Responding to question as weather her foundation is also warning their girls to hands off the boys, said girls already aware but commercial sex is the only thing some of them know, they feel is the only thing some girls get their survival.
” We also have plans to engage on Street rally in respect to the increase in HIV in the country via sensitization thereby encouraging the public to go for HIV test.

We official lunched the foundation on the 27th December with a fund raising dinner at the St. Micheal school, low cost housing at the cost of 150,000 and 250,000 for both single and double, she told this medium.
As a woman myself, I decided to support women and girls because I know the constraints they are going through.

Taking into consideration the role of women play, expecially women in West Africa, called on all and sundry that are passionate about women and girls to support the Women Empowerment Foundation as she had been doing everything out of her pocket, hence the need for donor support to women owing to the fact that we all comes from women.
Justifying her request for donor funding she revealed a single parent with two children called to informed her that she was homeless.
The woman in question, she continues own an hair dressing saloon that she had been using to take care of herself and two children.
I helped her in that regard because I have been doing it for others, she concluded.