1 – Technologies generated by FINIC for palm oil processing have significantly contributed to the increase in palm oil production in Sierra Leone in the past 2 years. Notable, is the Manually Operated and branded Moneh Done. Youths across the country are illegally fabricating thousands of same across the country. Mashing fruits in a pit using the feet, is now a thing of the past.

2 – FINIC Invented the Palm Fruits Threshing machine of its kind. Never seen before. It does not only threshes but also sifts chaff from the fruits. The painstaking job often endured by our women folk is now set to be relegated to history.

3 – FINIC Invented the Palm Butter Floatation Machine. Yes, a machine never seen before. The Back breaking job endured by our women folk in causing the palm butter to float in a pit prior to feeding it in to the clarifier, will soon be history. Patented/licensed, superb marketing campaign across the world, has potentials to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the palm oil industry in the world in both increase in oil yields, energy efficiency and and affordability. Every Sierra Leonean should be happy about this invention.

4 – FINIC palm oil technologies are Generated with those at the lowest point of the poverty pyramid in mind. Maximum mill capacity we can do is one that processes 50 drums of palm oil per day of 10 hours. The Mill of 10 drums of oil in a day of 10 hours, is in production as it is loved by Liberians, Ghanaians and Sierra Leoneans.

5 – FINIC has developed Technologies that add value to the byproduct of palm oil processing such as nuts, shells, chaff etc. The latest being the ball mill that pulverizes carbonized palm kernel shells into very fine powder for making of briquettes.

6 – FINIC has developed a Palm Kernel Oil Press that uses Palm Kernel Oil as Diesel fuel without going through any chemically based refined processes. The press can press 5 drums (each of 200 liters) of kernel oil per day of 10 hours.

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