The developments and oriented member of Parliament representing the people of Tonkolili District Hon. Jawah Sesay has over the weekend commissioned a secondary school at Buyan section, kombadugu village , sambaia chiefdom, and also first ever health center at Konkorobaia village that will help salvage health issue for nine villages in the Tonkolili district

In a historic ceremony held in both towns Hon.Jaward spoke well on the need for the secondary school and the health center .”This is the first ever secondary school to be constructed in this chiefdom as well the Community health post”, he said

The members of Parliament highlighted the importance of both projects in the development of the livelihood of the people.

The member of Parliament said the school will serve more than 30 villages and it will help to reduce school dropout and also reduce early child marriages and teenage pregnancy.

He said the construction of the school would reduce the long-distance children will be traveling to school and also salvage the barriers between school-going kids and their parents.

The health center he said, is another land mile project for the people at Konkorobaia village and the environs and it will help address health-related issues for more than nine villages in the section and chiefdom

The program attracted paramount chiefs, community elders, youth and all works of life, the leader of the opposition in Parliament, and his members.