By John Kelly Marah

One of Sierra Leone’s finest rapper, Alhaji Amadu Bah, commonly called LAJ, who was charged with robbery and assault in 2023, convicted and sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment by the High Court of the country, and was later released on the 1st January 2024 by a Presidential Pardon, walked out from the Pademba Road maximum security prison in Freetown like a king, and celebrated by government officials in different quarters, has been recently appointed by President Bio as a Peace Ambassador, charged with the responsibility to preach messages of peace across the country.
In his first peace session hosted by the rapper, he disclosed that he was accused of stealing fuel and also an amount of four million Leones, including six phones, with his opening statements characterized by a bemoaning “A BO, A BO,” and reaffirmed that “DEN TIFF PASS ME,” and they wanted to talked about his own ‘tiff’. Adding that “A BO, A BO, the game is about to begin…”, furthering that they had started it and people will continue it.
LAJ recalled that he entered prison as a criminal, but left prison as a King, and has no regrets in going to prison, adding that God saved him from a lot of problems that took place in society while he was in prison. He concluded by saying that “DEN TIFF PASS ME, A BO, A BO,” furthering that this is just the beginning.