The composition of the cross party tripartite committee has come under strong criticism from the opposition APC supporters adjudicating for a rerun of the June 2023 electoral process.
It has been noted that the 2023 general election was marred with lack of transparency and accountability issues in the voting and counting process of the June 2023 general election.
After the pronouncement of Bio as the winners by ECSL, the opposition APC refused to partake in the governance system of Bio’s administration, saying that the election was not free and fair and that there must be a re run of the said process.
After several consultations and dialogue between Dr. Samara Kamara and the Chief Minister David Sengeh, about accepting the result and allowing members of parliament alongside councilors and mayors to take their position in the lead bio administrative, this move comes with a recommendation that must be followed by the ruling SLPP after the dialogue.
More-over a tripartite committee has been set to examine the 2023 general election and to pave the way for future election. The tripartite committee has the blessing of the UN Resident Coordinator, Seraphine Wakana.
In the signing of the Terms of Reference (ToR) at the New Brookfields Hotel, Co-chair of the APC, Dr. Kaifala Marah, wasted no time by stating how the June 2023 multi-tier election ended in a controversy and a stand-off between the APC and the government of Sierra Leone, prompted by many lacunas. Dr. Marah affirmed that the TOR will guide the committee in it examination of Election Results Management, will include the 2023 election results and previous one.
Dr. Marah, reaffirmed that they have the mandate to examine or investigate the 2023 election data and that whatever comes out will be. Mr. marah statement did not actually confirmed whether there will be re-run of the 2023 election, as it has been widely rumored, but rather underscores the APC commitment to a thorough review of the electoral process.
The question Sierra Leoneans are asking is if the findings of the tripartite committee lead to recommendations for a re-run of the 2023 multitier election, what will be the presidential accent to it?

As Disgruntled Bike Riders Angry…
Big Protest against President Bio
Reliable sources have informed this press that motorbike and keke riders are planning a massive demonstration against the government, for them to reverse their hasty decision against commercial transportation. The decision of the government to ban private commercial vehicles from plying certain roads across the city has cause more hardship to the country.
Some political commentators have called on the government to revise this directive
This new transportation has been described as the worst system ever in the history of this country. In some parts of the world, government transportation is always cheaper than private or commercial transportation systems.
This has sent a signal that the government does not care for its citizens. The people that have advised the government to ban private vehicles are not patriots.
Citizens are wondering that if this is a serious government, they can hear the cry of the people, they can bring back the price to 5NLe and allow the private commercial vehicles run in order to sustain a reduced price of transportation in the country.