Yusufu Abdul SIlla, the dedicated Managing Director of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) finds himself targeted by anonymous blackmailers who claim he has flouted procurement procedures to purchase vehicles for the bank.

The blackmailers are believed to be disgruntled employees of the bank who used to swindle the bank through hiring of vehicles at high costs for its operations.

The bank under the visionary MD purchased operational vehicles to reduce the high cost which they used to pay in the past for hiring vehicles.

The decision to purchase the vehicles was taken by Members of the Board and not the MD as falsely claims.

The MD ,as a visionary leader and who wants to save his institution endorse the decision of the board to cut down cost drastically.

The disgruntled guys who are receiving kicks back from the rentals feel offended because of the Operational Vehicles which the bank bought.

SLCB is no doubt, one of the most profitable financial institutions in the country with the highest branches and customers based in the country.

As this writer delves into the investigation, he uncovered the blackmailers identity who used to racketeer the bank through vehicle hiring.

The blackmailers’ plot backfired as the dynamic MD and his team exposed the truth, leading to the purchase of vehicles for the bank’s operations. The bank, under Yusufu Abdul SIlla’s leadership, emerges stronger, having demonstrated its commitment to ethical practices and accountability.