The Minister of Works and Government Assets, Dr. Denis Sandy has embarrassed President Bio and the people of this country. The Minister of Works Dr. Sandy by now deserves the boot better known as sack.
When this tollgate issue started he told the people of this country that he has not yet seen the contract.
But within 24 hours the Minister said again to the public that he has the document but that the document is a confidential document.
However, and thankfully, the Speaker of Parliament put a hold on the said increment. The Minister of Works has however boasted that this was a Cabinet decision and that by all means the agreement needs to be reviewed and that the tollgate increase must be allowed to take place.
When the Minister was invited by the Parliamentary Committee on Works, he ordered that the committee should not allow any journalist to be in the committee.
Sierra Leoneans are calling for the president to sack him because as Minister of Works, he is not competent to handle such a position.
If the Minister of Works cares for the people of this country, he should have not been fighting for this price of the tollgate to be increased. The economy of the country is in bad shape, hardship is killing people and he is now calling for tollgate increment.
The persons who give Dr. Sandy advice do not like him.
The man, many people believe could have brought another war to Sierra Leone if he had been allowed to stay in his former position as Lands Minister.
Calls for Dr. Sandy to be sacked have become deafening, after more than two years, causing misery and suffering to many people – especially the Krio communities who he terrorized and grabbed their land and property with impunity.
Quite simply, Dr. Sandy has become a law to himself and a liability to the president, his government and the ruling SLPP party who are hoping for a third term re-election in 2028.
Following the constant publication of media reports of the megalomaniac land grabbing behavior of Dr. Sandy, the Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone a few weeks ago wrote a stern letter to President Bio asking for Sandy’s wings to be clipped.
That letter was preceded by a damning article published by the ruling party’s sponsored tabloid – Global Times, in which its editor – a patron of the ruling SLPP Sorie Fofanah called on President Bio and the leadership of the SLPP to get rid of Dr. Sandy before he brings the government down.
Today, President Bio has listened to the hundreds of individuals and families around Sierra Leone whose lands have been seized by Dr. Sandy and his private armed militia, and then sold to the highest bidder.
President Bio should have not reappointed Dr. Sandy to serve in any cabinet position because he cannot be trusted. The legacy he left at Lands Ministry is what he has brought back to the Works Ministry. The people of this country just after his appointment have started crying all over again.
During his statement at parliament, where he has exposed himself big time, by now he should have been recycled.