This year 2024, the Board of Directors, Director General, Management and Staff of National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) of Sierra Leone is poised to roll-out a scheme for the Informal Sector employers and employees.
This arrangement started in 2023 following several successful meetings between NASSIT management and informal sector actors.
It is now crystal clear that the Director General of NASSIT, Mohamed Fuuad Daboh and his team are resolute in the fact that, they were appointed to serve the government and people of Sierra Leone in diverse ways.
In 2024 NASSIT will see the formulation of a Scheme for Informal sector workers in Sierra Leone which hopefully would come into full effect any time soon.
It could be recalled that in previous years, we witnessed a massive and robust sensitization on the relevance and benefits of joining NASSIT which was rolled-out by the Public Affairs department of NASSIT to the extent that this department received widespread accolades and accreditation from contributors and non-contributors alike.
That besides, it is important to note that, NASSIT under the leadership of Mohamed Fuuad Daboh and his team are making expansive and intensive inroads into gray areas which were not formally included. But as matters now stand, the reality is that the Public Affairs department of NASSIT did a tremendous job by bringing to the doorsteps of each and every citizen with and outside hard0to-reach areas in Sierra Leone.
This year NASSIT is embarking on several investment projects aimed at useful and profitable use of contributors’ funds.
These projects include but are not limited to the ongoing Sewa Ground Market project (that hopefully would be completed and out into use in the first quarter of 2024), the Hilton Cape Sierra Hotel project which when completed would see a maximum rejuvenation of the country’s tourism sector as far as a five-star hotel accommodation is concerned, among amongst other profitable ventures initiated by NASSIT.