Of all things on the mind of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Director General, Mohamed Fuuad Daboh and his vigilant and loyal team of Directors is their pledge to introduce a scheme for informal sector employers and employees.

This vision was started a couple of years ago with meetings, workshops and other engagements between informal sector employers and employees and NASSIT.

These meetings were the first steps towards creating a scheme for the informal sector, taking into cognizance the fact that since the establishment of NASSIT, the informal sector which carries the bulk of workers across Sierra Leone were never factored.

It is against this background that under the visionary leadership of DG Daboh, there is currently serious efforts to ensure that informal sector workers do not lose out when they would no longer be able to work due to any contingency including invalidity, death etc.

It is a fact that it is not all informal sector employers that play fair with their workers especially when it comes to paying terminal or contingency benefits to their workers because they either do not have the funds or are simply reluctant to do so.

But with a NASSIT scheme for the informal sector employers and employees, such hazards would be a forgotten story.