By Moses Kay Fembeh
Sea Coach, a firm specializing in luggage transportation, has publicly responded to the alarming find of banned substances in baggage on one of their buses.
This incident has sparked a debate over the effectiveness of the company’s security protocols. In a move to address the situation, Sea Coach has called for a thorough probe by law enforcement and has asked for the public’s understanding and patience.

The situation came to light on the night of April 2nd, 2024, when police intercepted a Sea Coach baggage bus at an airport cargo area, acting on a tip. The vehicle was in the process of collecting luggage for delivery to Aberdeen without accompanying passengers. The bust led to the detention of the bus driver and security staff, under the suspicion of hiding illegal narcotics among the luggage.

Sea Coach tried to facilitate the investigation by suggesting that passengers identify their luggage at the Lungi Jetty terminal. However, the police directed that this process take place at the police station instead. This led to some luggage remaining unclaimed, raising questions about their contents.

A search of these unclaimed items revealed the presence of tramadol, a regulated narcotic. This discovery underscored a failure in Sea Coach’s operational procedures, specifically on the part of the operations manager at Lungi, who is now aiding the police in tracking down the origins and intended recipients of the luggage.

The company is collaborating with authorities, ensuring the involved operations manager’s cooperation with the ongoing investigation. Sea Coach hopes for a swift identification and prosecution of those responsible.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Sea Coach urges the community to reserve judgment and emphasizes its firm stance against any form of drug trafficking. The incident has prompted a reiteration of the company’s commitment to societal welfare and the maintenance of high ethical standards.

In concluding their statement, Sea Coach pledges to reinforce its service quality and integrity, alongside implementing measures to avert similar incidents henceforth.