-SAYS Basita Michael writes

I regret not being in Sierra Leone during the Bar Association elections.
Based on social media reports and colleagues’ accounts, it was a significant
victory for Wara Serry Kamal and Augustine Sengbeh Marrah.

Despite formidable opposition and the dishonourable actions of the ACC
Commissioner, who sought to secure a victory for his candidate by any means
necessary, this day demonstrated to the world that Wara Serry Kamal and
Augustine Marrah are forces to be reckoned with. It is evident that certain
elements within the government fear an independent Bar Association.

The disgraceful outcome of the SLBA elections underscores the hijacking of
our government by a network of individuals who believe in tyrannical power and
employ violence, intimidation, and oppression to maintain control.

The actions of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner have led many to question
his self-proclaimed achievements and whether he can lead an independent and
impartial fight against corruption.

As Bob Refell articulated on Facebook, “Francis Ben Kaifala was once a
role model for many of us, advocating for democracy and the rule of law. We
supported his initiatives like Black Friday in 2018. However, his recent
actions have betrayed those ideals. Yesterday, I posted proud photos of being a
lawyer. Today, I feel embarrassed to be associated with the legal profession
and those who once inspired us.”

To my colleagues who share Bob’s sentiments, hold your heads high. Do not
let Francis Ben Kaifala’s actions cause you embarrassment. If anyone should
feel ashamed, it is the Commissioner and his cohorts. His blatant disregard for
the rule of law and the democratic process has revealed him as a pretender and
a wannabe tyrant.

Social media is now awash with scandalous videos and comments that have turned
our country into a laughing stock. As a proud Sierra Leonean and a former
President of the Bar Association, I commend the courage you have all shown in
condemning these actions. Your voices resonate with honesty, integrity, and

Your outrage, along with that of many colleagues and citizens, is essential
in dismantling and eradicating corrupt and tyrannical behaviour. However, in
our condemnation, I urge all of you to act with empathy and compassion, not
necessarily in support of any individual, but in support of a Bar that upholds
its integrity.
©️Basita Michael