By Kadijah Bangura
Liberty Online Television.

Being a journalist in Sierra Leone has become increasingly challenging, particularly when prioritizing the quality of programs produced and striving for diverse voices to be heard. Unfortunately, there is a reluctance among many to participate in on-air discussions unless there is a clear public relations agenda at play. This limited engagement results in a repetitive cycle of familiar voices, making it difficult at times to create well-rounded and diverse content.

While some individuals are willing to share their opinions privately or through social media statements, they often hesitate to provide interviews or explanations, especially on sensitive national topics. While we respect their decision not to speak, it is essential to recognize that our role as journalists relies on a willing public, including leaders, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders, who are ready to speak on behalf of the audience we serve.

We appreciate those individuals who consistently engage with the media and offer their insights on critical issues. We encourage others to consider how their contributions can enhance the value and impact of our work. It is interesting to note that nowadays, ordinary people are often more forthcoming with their perspectives than the elite. This shift in dynamics raises the question: Are people becoming increasingly hesitant to share their views openly? The ordinary people are more open to sharing their views than the elite these days. Interesting dynamics.