Fire for Fire rocks SLPP

The Sierra Leone Police has issued a warrant of arrest for well-known and outspoken radio journalist Justice Boima, CEO of Justice TV and Online Radio.
The warrant alleges that Bioma was engaged in cyber stalking and bullying of the SLPP Secretary General, who is also the current deputy minister of mineral resources, Napoleon Koroma.
The battle is between SLPP heavyweights over a piece of land situated at Bathurst Village in the mountain rural region of Freetown.
There is presently a heated fight that has not yet reached the judiciary over the land between Member of Parliament, Hon. Hawa Siaffa and SLPP Secretary General Napoleon Koroma, who also happens to be the parliamentary representative of Upper Bambara and Mando Chiefdoms in the Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone.

It must be recalled and based on documentary evidence seen by this medium that the land in question was surveyed in 2016 and 2017, according to Justice TV.
After receiving the document from the Hon. Minister, Justice Bioma, the CEO of Justice TV and Online Radio, contacted Napoleon Koroma to get his side of the debate.
The SLPP Secretary General was asked to present his documents for the said land, which he did. But according to Justice Boima, the document that was presented by Mr Koroma was totally different from the one presented by the Honourable.
Since then, Justice Boima has been on the side of the Honourable Minister, believing based on the strength and legitimacy of her document that she was being railroaded by the deputy minister of mineral resources, Napoleon Koroma.

Furthermore, there is an allegation that the head of the Criminal Investigations Department teamed up with the ruling party Secretary General to fight against the claim made on the same piece of land by Honourable Hawa Siaffa.
According to CEO Boima, he decided to support the Honourable lady because the land document she presented was authentic based on private investigation he carried out at the Lands Ministry.
As a result of his finding, Justice Bioma pursued a daily media advocacy against Napoleon Koroma via Justice TV and online radio station, saying that the deputy ministry wanted to take advantage of his position in the party and government to appropriate a piece of land that was not his.
This has formed the basis for the warrant for his arrest.

It has been told to this medium, even based on claims by Justice Boima, that the honourable secured this piece of land to establish an orphanage for the less privileged.
Meanwhile, the struggle continues to see who owns the land as the matter has not gone to the courts.
Justice Boima, who has been a trusted campaigner on the side of the Honourable Hawa Siafa, has now been charged with cyber stalking and bullying of Napoleon Koroma by the head of the CID.
This story is a work in progress so please stay tuned with Daybreak for any new development in this story. Meanwhile, there is a warrant of arrest out for media CEO Justice Boima based on his private and personal advocacy on behalf of a female politician who also happens to be a member of the ruling SLPP.