By Foday Jalloh

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) specifically the Traffic Department, is responsible for regulating the daily activities of drivers in the country.

Speaking to this medium the Director of the Traffic Department, AIG Hazely said they are there to enforce traffic laws, or else there will be many road accidents that will lead to untimely deaths.

He maintained that their presence on the streets is important not only to control traffic but to also get rid of lawless drivers who do not have due consideration for other road users. He went on to say that they as traffic police have several charges for offences committed by drivers, adding that anyone caught will surely face the law, despite the fact that not all traffic offences are criminal.

He maintained that traffic offences become criminal only when somebody drives without a license which gives a driver the permission to use the roads.

He called on drivers especially kekkeh and bike riders to avoid the CBD and to be careful when using the streets.