Citizens Call For Sacking Of IGP, Correctional Service Boss & CDS

Sierra Leoneans are calling for an investigation to be conducted among the Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Correctional Centre boss and the CDS. Sierra Leoneans are wondering why the heads of these sensitive institutions were not able to get intelligence on the events of that day.

Some concern Sierra Leoneans are calling on President Bio to fire all of them, because they have betrayed the people of this country, and have lost their trust.

The daybreak newspaper has done a vox pop to get their views concerning the November 26 failed coup, the common concern was that they don’t trust the leaders of those institutions and are calling on the government to fire them.

Some political analysts say that the incident is a big slap on them, and a big disappointment to the President and the people of this country.

 Many angry residents say that prior to the attempt coup, the security forces gave the impression that they were on top of situation, with checkpoints mounted across the city at night. Amidst this seeming vigilance, they were unable to gather intelligence about the failed coup. There is a need for the government to reassure the people of Sierra Leone that they are safe, and to take steps to ensure that the security of the country is strengthened.

The government must take decisive action to restore confidence in the country’s security forces, and to tackle the root causes of instability. Only then can Sierra Leone move forward and build a more prosperous and secure future for its people.