APC supporters have started raising concerns that though Dr. Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson Kamara, was APC presidential candidate for the election in 2023 he would likely also emerge as a favorite candidate for the next election.
Very reliable sources say Dr. Samura is going to continue with the part or not, and that they are going to have another flag bearer for 2028. Some concer sierra leoneans still want samura because he is a technocrat, but because of his age others want him to step aside for another person to carry the barton.
The APC is the only hop for sierra Leoneans whenever they are in power they always care for their citizens. The sufferingin within the country has giving the cause for sierra leoena to cry for the APC to come back to power, because they prefer the APC to rukle the people of this country than this fail misdirection.
The grassroots of the APC has call all on all stakeholders to come together and make the right decition for the party. This not a fight they need to come together and speek with one voice and resolved the differences of the party without going to any court.
This time roung what the party need is unity, they need to embrace each and evry member and move the party forward.